Friday, March 10, 2017

Esther became Queen of Persia "for such a time as this."

The Jewish holiday, PURIM, begins March 11th at sundown this year. The story of a young Jewish girl named Hadassah who became Queen of Persia is related in the Book of Esther in the Bible. Ever since these historical events Jewish people celebrate the saving of God's people on Purim (lots or dice) every year. Esther came to the kingdom "for such a time as this," so God could use her to deliver the Jews from annihilation. The date for their destruction was set by the evil Haman in the casting of lots with King Ahasuerus.

Today there are Hamans abroad in the world, all threatening to annihilate the Jewish people. The rash of bomb threats at Jewish community centers in the United States recently is an ominous reminder of the times of the Holocaust. God had His Esthers then who risked their lives to protect the Jewish people. Well-known examples are Oscar Schindler and Corrie ten Boom.  Maybe in our day you are a person who has been born for "such a time as this," and God is depending on you to stand by His people, both Jews and Christians who are being persecuted and threatened with annihilation.

God is working in YOUR life, just like He did in Esther's life. Notice in this poem the amazing timing of the events, all orchestrated by God who is active, although hidden. Be more aware of how God is also active in YOUR life, even though you may not see or hear him.

Esther is a queen of great renown;
God made sure she got the crown.
The Jews would die without her help.
One night the king had not slept;
Books were brought, and he saw recorded
The deed of Mordecai not rewarded.
Haman came into the court that day,
Just as the king had something to say.
He ordered Haman to use his advice
To honor the man who had saved the king’s life.
So Haman paraded this man through the street,
Dressed like the king.  “Give honor!” he’d repeat.

Haman had built a gallows to end
The life of the Jew who would not bend,
But now his wife and wise men said,
“If Mordecai’s Jewish, you’re as good as dead!”
The gallows so high, not built for naught,
Were waiting till days of justice were sought;
For Mordecai’s foe and his ten sons instead
Were hung by the neck until they were dead!

The plot that determined the death of the Jews,
The date that was chosen only brought good news!
Because Queen Esther went into the king,
He held out his scepter, and made her heart sing.
She did not keep silent, though her life was at risk;
She had come to the kingdom for such a time as this!
And even though God is not mentioned by name,
He’s there in the Book of Esther the same.
Behind the scenes He’s directing the action –
He uses the weeping, the prayers, and the fasting,
Infuses His heroine with courage driven,
Inspires the scheme of the banquets given.

The Jews would not lay a hand on the plunder
Of the wicked attacking when they had gone under.
Remembering Abram and what he replied
To the King of Sodom, his riches denied.
The descendants of Agag, Haman and sons,
All meet their deaths, and the victory’s won.
It was God who controlled the throw of the “pur.”
Purim would be celebrated each year for sure!
Mordecai reigned as number two man
Beside King Ahasuerus over the Persian land.
Queen Esther, the queen who saved her people,
The Jews, God’s chosen, won out over evil!

April 30, 2015 ~ Nancy Petrey


  1. Well said, Miss Nancy! May we all answer obediently when God calls us for a time such as this.

  2. Well said, Miss Nancy! May we all answer obediently when God calls us for a time such as this.

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    1. Robyn, I appreciate your comment. It encourages me. I haven't written anything on this blog for a while. I need to get back to it! Shalom! Todah rabbah!