Monday, June 29, 2015


             A SIGN OF JUDGMENT?
Gay Marriage White House Lit
Heed the sign of the rainbow, 
God’s miracle in the sky.
Seven colors he banded in a bow and raised on high.
 Shining forth as a promise – after rain it would appear,
So Noah and family and animals could read the message clear.
The first covenant made by God was given to those on the Ark,[1]
A pledge to all generations, their safety assured in the dark.
God had flooded the earth to bring His judgment on wicked people.
His heart was filled with grief, looking down upon such evil.
But afterward He determined that He’d never do it again.
He set His bow in the heavens, arched up high across the land.

God loves the sign of the rainbow circled around His throne.
Ezekiel and John both saw it – in holiness how it shone![2]
But now the wicked have turned the meaning upside down –
They flaunt the garish colors on the White House like a clown!
They dare to call the evil, good, the bitter they call sweet.[3]
Others look on and see no harm, considering themselves elite.
They never consider the Word of God, their minds are filled with conceit.
They reason that they are the tolerant ones, and prudes have suffered defeat.

But Jesus has sounded His warning in the pages of His Holy Book –
“As it was in the days of Noah,”[4] these are the things 
for which to look –
And giving in marriage was at the top of His list, we sadly realize.
Marriage, a picture of Christ and His bride,[5] 
they’ve perverted with their lies!
They drag the rainbow through the mud and celebrate with pride,
But everyone will stand before the Lord, no one can hide.
The day is coming, the prophet says, 
and like stubble the wicked will burn,[6]
But God isn’t willing for one to perish[7] – 
He calls out to them to turn.
The clouds are gathering over our land, and He’d like to spare us pain.
The Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing for those 
who fear His name.[8]

But do not think that God will wink and say it does not matter.
“Live and let live – we have equal rights!”  Oh, the godless chatter!
And lest you think it’s hate 
when Christians preach to them to stop,
They’re walking off a cliff, and they’ll be dashed upon a rock!
Jesus said His word is true, and none has been abolished.
Every jot and tittle that is written can’t be demolished.[9]
The Law that Moses wrote may sound severe, but have no qualms,
For Jesus taught the disciples, 
beginning at Moses, the prophets, and Psalms.[10]
“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman
 – an abomination!”[11]
But the grace of God is powerful indeed, 
and you can have salvation!
To summarize the state of our nation and the sign of the rainbow:
Cry out to God – His forgiveness is real, and submit to HIS say-so!

By Nancy Petrey
June 29, 2015

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

(Genesis 22)

How did Sarah feel that her son was doomed to die,
Her only child, a sacrifice to Elohim on high?
Abraham had heard the call and knew he must obey.
He took the lad and traveled far, but Sarah, she would stay.
She pondered in her heart the questions crowding in her head:
How could the Lord require this thing?  Her son would soon be dead!
Her husband reasoned in his mind that if he killed his son,
The Lord would raise him up again – this deed it must be done.
His journey to Moriah with his son would take three days.
His heart was breaking all the way, but Isaac did obey.
The lad had questions of his own, a lamb they had not brought.
His father said: God would provide Himself the lamb they sought.
So climbing up the mountain with the wood on Isaac's back,
The knife, the fire, the altar built, and now the tragic act.
Abraham bound Isaac and gently laid him down,
And back home Sarah wept out loud till she could make no sound.
The drama built until the knife was raised in Abraham's hand –
Then startled by an Angel’s voice, he almost broke and ran!
Abraham was told he did not have to kill his son -
The Lord was pleased he’d not withheld his beloved only one.
A substitute was found as Abraham had said before,
“The Lord Will Provide,” he gave the name the mountain bore.
A ram was caught by his horns in the thicket and sacrificed instead.
And this true story is an allegory of the thorns on Messiah’s head.
For God had painted a picture of Himself and His Son who was the Lamb,
Who willingly carried His cross up the hill – He is the Great I Am.
Embedded in Scripture are the truths of redemption – the Old in the New revealed.
Hidden in the covenants made with Israel, dig up the truths concealed.
“Look to the rock from which you were hewn, to Abraham your father …
“Look to Sarah who bore you …”[1] how did she feel, your mother who sorrowed?
Giving birth is a painful thing, but losing your loved one is harder.
Think of Mary who held her son who died, crucified!  What a horror!
But also think of how Sarah felt when Isaac who “died” ran to hug her!
He raised her bowed head, wiped the tears away, saying over and over, he loved her!
And thousands of years in the future this scene is replayed on the same holy hill.
When Mary sees Yeshua!  Raised from the dead!  Her heart is thrilled!
The Lamb of God was slain for us, foreshadowed in this old story.
Receive Him now as your Living Lord, and you will see His glory!

Nancy Petrey
June 23, 2015

[1] Isaiah 51: 1-2.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


The Lord inspired me to write this poem about the shelter He offers us under His wings, a place of refuge, whether for safety from enemies or as a place of rest in His love.  Also, His wings can bear us up high in times of danger.  Read about how Jesus' prayer shawl has "wings."  Notice the references if you want a deeper study of Scripture on this theme.  The poem is in one of my books, Habitation of Honey, Poems and Songs.  (You can buy a copy by clicking on the book to the right.)


The wings of my God are mighty over me,
Dwelling in His shadow, as peaceful as can be.
Covered by His feathers, in His tabernacle safe,
I have taken refuge in His awesome, secret place![1]
Yeshua is my Savior, and like a mother hen,
His wings provide shelter till the very end.[2]
He’s also like an eagle with pinions very strong,
Snatching me from dangers of an evil, rioting throng!

The Father has adopted me, His eaglet in the nest –
I cry unto Him, “Abba,”[3] and I rest upon His breast.
He tells me of my heritage and instructs me in His Word,
From Abraham to Moses, oh what miracles I’ve heard!
“I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.
In the mighty Exodus you saw the judgments dealt.[4]
Your enemies were conquered, and you escaped death.
I uttered Ten Commandments with My thundering breath.[5]
You were saved by the blood of the Passover Lamb.[6]
Then I split the Red Sea, I Am the Great I Am![7]
I made a covenant with you, My very special treasure,[8]
You are My chosen people, My greatest source of pleasure.
“My eaglet, I kept you as the apple of My eye
And hovered closely over you until you learned to fly.
I stirred up your nest and took away your ease.
I allowed many hardships to bring you to your knees.
But just as you were falling, I would spread out My wings,
And I would take you high above, and you would shout and sing!”[9]

God’s dealings with the Israelites and with their Holy City
Are written in Scripture, and some are not so pretty.
But learning from mistakes, God means to give us hope –[10]
We can rise on wings like eagles, not in the darkness grope.
We will run and not be weary; we will walk and never faint.[11]
When the day of wrath has come, it won’t come on His saint.
The Sun of Righteousness shall rise with healing in His wings.

The wicked on a burning earth will hear our voices sing.[12]
“As the Lord of Hosts fights for Mount Zion and its hill,
Like birds flying about, passing over” – what a thrill![13]
So when the storm is raging, and you’ve nowhere else to turn,
Seek the wings of the Great Eagle, from His lessons you will learn.
Whether flying high above the storm or resting in His shade,
You can have your youth renewed; from destruction you are saved.[14]

Yeshua is calling you, wrapped in His tallit,
Spreading out His arms – under His wings you are complete.[15]
Learn your Jewish roots, a Jewish wedding is the goal.[16]
Your Messiah is waiting; under the chuppah He will enfold.
Wrapped in His tallit and shaded under another,
You will enjoy the Wedding Feast[17] in the arms of a Jewish lover!

by Nancy Petrey
July 5, 2014

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Monday, June 1, 2015


The Bible is true and divinely inspired!  When a prophecy is fulfilled, Christians should make a big racket about it!  This Book of all books can be trusted, just as the Author is absolutely trustworthy!  I was thinking about the history of modern Israel and the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy and just had to write a poem about it.  Here it is:

A land flowing with milk and honey
Was born in a day, but the day wasn’t sunny.
The Jews would regain their ancient land.
Truman said, “Sign it!”  ‘Twas an ordained plan.
For Jews and for Arabs the land was divided –
The Jews rejoiced, but the Arabs derided
The U.N. body that gave them a nation.
They couldn’t get along with their blood relations!
The Arabs said “No!” ‘Cause they wanted it all,
And they would fight; they delighted to brawl.
Then before the Jews could lose all hope,
Ben Gurion called an assembly to vote.
He declared the State of Israel official.
The Jews celebrated, but the Arabs bristled!
Ready to attack the very next day,
They had gathered seven armies to join in the fray!
The Jews had only a rag-tag band,
But determined like Maccabees, they would make a stand!
It was six-hundred thousand versus eighty million strong!
Who was in the right, and who was in the wrong?
And how did it end when the dust had settled?
Israel won the war and had proven her mettle!
God had shown He was on their side –
Angels were busy, knocking down Arab pride.
Miracles abounded, and the whole world was shocked!
Scripture was fulfilled, and mysteries were unlocked.
Revelation twelve paints the story of this war:
The woman was Israel whom the dragon stood before,
Ready to devour the nation soon as born,
Fragile as an infant, but it would not be torn.
God would keep His covenant with all of Jacob’s tribes.
His chosen people Israel in victory still abides!
Isaiah sixty-six, verse eight foretold this very day,
Nineteen forty-eight the year, the fourteenth day of May!
Truman was the first to call and praise this tiny nation,
The Holy Land and people God had chosen, His creation!

June 1, 2015